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A New favorite IPA

August 30, 2012

A 2012 WBC bronze medal winner, Founders Centennial IPA is an excellent all around IPA. Unlike others, which require certain foods or situations to properly enjoy, this beer is a true….everybeer.

If you know only one thing about me, know this. I am a huge IPA fan. I am particularly fond of a Dogfish 60 minute because from the first drop to the last, it is an easy drinking, yet complex beer.

Centennial is cut from the same mold, with a higher alcohol content, adding an extra punch to go along with the lovely citrus note. This beer is heavy on citrus to go along with the traditional, hoppiness or bitterness of the IPA.

I enjoyed one the other night with some friends after drinking a few local Octoberfest brews and couldn’t quite appreciate the true flavor until the next night.

I arrived home after work and cracked one open while watching some television and truly loved what I tasted. Big citrus notes and big hops. Grab a six-pack at a store near you and enjoy!




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