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Fall and Beer…two good things

October 11, 2012

It finally happened. Out with the sweet summer air and in with the cool fall breezes. The change in temps are accompanied by the influx of seasonal fall beers and with it, some great tastes.

A few years back I began to drink more pumpkin beers than ever before, and this year was no different. While at a local watering hole, I tried perhaps the best of the best pumpkin beers on the market.  While I had been partial to Shipyard offerings, this pub had a new offering, Southern Tier Imperial Pumkin Ale.

The beer is a fantastic blend of pumpkin flavor, malt and most notably, nutmeg spice. This beer truly tastes like you are eating a piece of pie.

While I am still a new fan of these pumpkin beers; I prefer Octoberfests, this particular beer is fantastic. You can find this beer on draft at some bars and pubs, but you can also find it in 22 oz Bombers at some local liquor stores.

It is best to drink in a large-opening glass, and the brewery itself suggests a goblet. The colder the better. I have had this drink with food and without, and it pairs well with both. It’s a big drinking beer, about 9 percent alcohol, so be careful, but enjoy.




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