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Craft brewing, another new adventure

May 20, 2015

I’m in a slump. Everyone gets them, and generally, everyone gets out of them. My slump is a beer slump.

For the last few weeks, I have been drinking “cheap” beer. Mostly to save some cash but also because it is calorically a bit better for you. While doing this, my favorite brewery, Treehouse Brewing in Monson Ma. – which brews some of the best beer on the planet, has been releasing my favorites. Now, this might seem great, and it certainly is, but it has caused me to have to give up large parts of days and put miles on the car.

So I got to thinking, can I brew something that might be better than the cheap beer i have been drinking, while also maybe tasting as delicious as what they make in Monson? Chances are no, I can’t. But dammit, I am going to try. For years now, a few buddies of mine have talked about home brewing, and I’d also listen intently. They have made some batches before that are pretty tasty. I have never gotten myself involved in the process, but now is the time to gt out of this slump.

I need to brew. I want to brew. I am going to brew. Things I am telling myself over the next few weeks. I will make a batch of beer, and I pray that it is delicious. All it takes is a single to bust the slump, no need for a home-run right away – that will come later.

I am borrowing a few mantras from Treehouse. They make the beer I love the most and the dudes truly get it up there. Here goes.

1. Make great beer.

2. Do not compromise quality. Not now, not ever.

3. Simple is harder than complex. Aim for simple.

4. Pay attention to detail. Every detail.

5. Every idea is worth some attention.

6. Smile. Laugh.  Show respect.

While most of these are clearly aimed at a larger scale production, they are great words and thoughts to brew by. Stay tuned, I promise you won’t want to miss this.


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